P2 Chatgpt

POST /chatgptApi


On each request you need to provide your Bearer authentication token. See the Authentication section for more details.

AuthorizationBearer Token

POST /chatgptApi

Mandatory Parameters

On each request, this endpoint requires the following parameters:

companyNamestringThe name of the company you want to use as variable (You can put "NA" if you don't want to use this)
emailstringYour RepliQ account email.
previewTitlestringThe title you want to use for your video and preview.
videoUrlstringThe video you are gonna use with your background (Must be an url pointing to a video file)
promptstringThe prompt you are gonna use as chatgpt message. You can you variable such as {CompanyName}, {FirstName}, {LastName}, {JobTitle}, {Competitor} {YourCustomVariable}. These variable must be written exactly as shown.

Optional Parameters

Here is the list of optional parameters you can use with this endpoint to control the video generation:

firstNamestringThe name of the person you create the video for
lastNamestringThe lastName of the person you create the video for
jobTitlestringThe job title you want to use in your variable {JobTitle}
competitorstringThe competitor you want to use in your variable {Competitor}
yourCustomVariablestringThe yourCustomVariable you want to use in your variable {yourCustomVariable}
ctaTextstringThe call to action button text
ctaLinkstringThe call to action button link
logostringThe url of your logo file that will display instead of RepliQ in the video page
mousebooleanEither true will show a mouse moving on the video, false will not display it (default to true)
videoBubblestringChoose between "Big", "Small", "Fullscreen" to control your video bubble display after X seconds
expandBubbleTimenumberTime where your video switch to your video bubble option (Default is 10)
secondVideoUrlstringIf you want to switch to another video after your Introduction
previewDescriptionstringThis control the meta data description of your video (Default is "Intro")

Response Parameters

Depending of the traffic, a video gets generated in around 1min. Following is the list of parameters you will receive in the response if you get a 200 status code:

videoSuccessstringLet you know if the video provided was successfull
videoPageUrlstringThe url of your video
originUrlstringThe url of the site you wanted to use as background
htmlEmailCodestringThe preview html code you can use in your outreach tool
htmlEmailCodeShortstringAnother preview html code which is less than 250 characters long (for tool that require this). It does not contain a title bellow with your prospects info
imgstringThe preview image url
imgHtmlCodestringThe preview image html code
jobTitlestringThe jobTitle you choose as variable for your video
competitorstringThe competitor you choose as variable for your video
yourCustomVariablestringThe yourCustomVariable you choose as variable for your video
firstNamestringThe firstName you choose as variable for your video
lastNamestringThe lastName you choose as variable for your video
promptstringThe prompt you use to generate your video
resultPromptstringThe resulting AI message you got from chatgpt depending of your prompt and variables
datastringThe data you send RepliQ to generate the video as well as the id of this video